Q&A for Hepaxa® patients

We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions about Hepaxa®
and NAFLD. As with all questions about your health or medical condition, please consult with your physician for specific advice or directions

Q. What is Hepaxa®?

Hepaxa® is a medical food product that is sold in the United States for the dietary management of NAFLD patients. It is safe to use for both children and adults. The only difference is the dosage. Hepaxa® is based upon pharmaceutical grade omega-3 oil that has been optimally refined for use with NAFLD patients.


Q. How and when should Hepaxa® be taken?

Take Hepaxa® with food. Your dose can be taken all at one time or divided and taken at different meals throughout the day. The active ingredients in Hepaxa® will be more fully absorbed if digested at the same time food is being actively digested.


Q. What is the recommended dose for Hepaxa®?

Adults are generally recommended to take four (4) Hepaxa capsules with food each day.
Children (aged 10-18) generally take a smaller dose of one (1) to two (2) capsules with food each day. Your pediatrician will provide your child with a specific dose recommendation.


Q. Isn’t Hepaxa® similar to normal fish oil or omega-3 supplements?

While Hepaxa® can be considered a “cousin” to traditional omega-3 supplements, there are a number of key differences:

  • Hepaxa® is very specific to NAFLD patients. Supplement fish oil is intended for generally healthy consumers and used for general health. Hepaxa® is highly concentrated amounts of EPA and DHA with most of the unwanted lipids (such as cholesterol removed). Hepaxa® is refined for use with patients who have compromised liver conditions.
  • Hepaxa® is highly refined and filtered. Supplement fish oil contains a degree of oceanic pollutants that are common to all fish which are harvested for omega-3 oil. Hepaxa® has been carefully refined to remove these pollutants (such as PCB153) that can be harmful to NAFLD patients.


Q. When can I expect to see results from Hepaxa®.

This answer will be different for each person. Most patients will not feel any difference when taking Hepaxa® – it works on a metabolic level to begin restoring normal liver function. Usually, the liver gains fat over a period of years. Likewise, reducing the fat composition in the liver will take several months. Recent clinical studies with Hepaxa® have shown that some NAFLD patients get improvement over a six-month period. Individual results and response time may vary. Please consult your physician to review your progress.


Q. What does Hepaxa® cost?

Your daily cost may vary depending upon the dose being taken. For most adults, taking four (4) capsules daily, the 120-count bottle of Hepaxa® is a one-month supply. The bottle costs $53 (including shipping) for an average daily cost of less than $2 per day.


Q. Where can I buy Hepaxa®?

Hepaxa® is sold through DIEM Direct – an exclusive source available by phone at (800) 971-3721.
You may also purchase the product via the shopping cart on this website. Use the Buy Now button to reach the shopping cart page.

Hepaxa® – Turning NAFLD around.