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We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions about Hepaxa®. As with all questions about your health or medical condition, please consult with your physician for specific advice or directions.

Q. What is Hepaxa®?

Hepaxa® is an ultra high purity fish oil specifically developed to support liver health.


Q. How and when should Hepaxa® be taken?

Take Hepaxa® with food. Your dose can be taken all at one time or divided and taken at different meals throughout the day. Hepaxa® will be more fully absorbed if digested at the same time food is being actively digested.


Q. What is the recommended dose for Hepaxa®?

Adults are generally recommended to take four (4) Hepaxa® capsules with food each day.


Q. Isn’t Hepaxa® similar to normal fish oil or omega-3 supplements?

While Hepaxa® can be considered a “cousin” to traditional omega-3 supplements, there are a number of key differences:

  • Hepaxa® is highly refined and purified. Hepaxa® contains highly concentrated amounts of EPA and DHA with most of the unwanted lipids (such as cholesterol) removed.
  • Common fish oil contains a degree of oceanic pollutants that are common to all fish which are harvested for omega-3 oil. Hepaxa® has been carefully refined to remove pollutants (such as PCB153) that can be harmful to liver health.


Q. What does Hepaxa® cost?

Your daily cost may vary depending upon the dose being taken. For most adults, taking four (4) capsules daily, the 120-count bottle of Hepaxa® is a one-month supply. The bottle costs $36 (including shipping) for an average daily cost of less than $2 per day.


Q. Where can I buy Hepaxa®?

Hepaxa® is sold through DIEM Labs – an exclusive source available by phone at (800) 971-3721 or online by selecting Buy Now on this website.