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Information for Healthcare Professionals

Medical Food Statement

Hepaxa® is a medical food product effective in the dietary management of steatosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Hepaxa® and Hepaxa®PD are medical foods and should be administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. Patients can purchase the products directly from the company website provided we receive affirmation that each patient is being supervised. We prefer to have patients recommended directly from physicians or staff. This can be done by email (hepaxa@diemlabsllc.com), phone (800) 971-3721 or fax (307) 316-0328.

The right patient

Hepaxa® has been shown to be effective in managing the dietary needs of early stage NAFLD patients with steatosis. This product has not been effective with fibrosis associated with late stage or NASH. Read the RCT for details on efficacy and patient selection.

The right dose

The science team at BASF spent four years developing Hepaxa®. There is a very intentional ratio between EPA and DHA as well as a highly concentrated amount for each. Doing so required the creation on new filtering technology to remove specific pollutants (i.e. PCB153) that are harmful to NAFLD patients as well as to reduce the unwanted lipids (i.e. cholesterol) that are common to most omega-3 products. Hepaxa® is certainly not a standard poly-unsaturated fatty acid in a capsule. Read the meta analysis for additional details on dosing.

The right frequency

The recommended dose for Hepaxa® has been carefully selected and then studied. BASF published clinical data in  NUTRIENTS,  August, 2018. Additionally, a meta-analysis of existing clinical data was published in July 2018 to identify common success factors and resolve the inconsistencies observed to date. More detail is available below:

Safety for NAFLD patients

The use of PUFA as an active ingredient is well documented over several decades. There are no precautions outside of potential allergies to the specific ingredients: fish oil concentrate, gel capsule (bovine gelatin and glycerol) and preservative (mixed tocopherols). You should instruct patients to take Hepaxa® with food and to avoid taking additional supplements with EPA or DHA.

Multiple studies utilizing PUFA for dietary management of NAFLD in adults.